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HOT TREND TODAY FROM UNCLE GOOGLE Kamis, 23 September 2010 ,

A botched play by Jets tight end Dustin Keller, during which he stepped out of bounds just short of the first-down marker, was the final mistake during the team's loss to the Ravens last night.

Monday Night Football is a decades-old tradition with one of TV's most recognizable tunes. 'Heavy Action' became the official theme in 1989.

The Seattle Seahawks may boast the highest MNF winning percentage (.667) but the Dallas Cowboys have the most wins at 42.

Find out more including why MNF moved to ESPN and when President Obama appeared on the program.

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1. What network airs Monday Night Football?
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3. Who played in the first Monday Night Football game?
4. Who composed the main Monday Night Football theme music?
5. What is the most points scored in a Monday Night Football game?
6. Who are the Monday Night Football announcers?
7. What is the history of Monday Night Football?
8. What record did Bo Jackson set during Monday Night Football?
9. Why did Monday Night Football move to ESPN?
10. When was Barack Obama on Monday Night Football?
11. How many years has Monday Night Football been on?
12. What team has the most Monday Night Football wins?
13. What time does Monday Night Football air?
14. What coach has the highest Monday Night Football winning percentage?
15. Who sings the Monday Night Football introduction theme?

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