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Six Times The Baby Fun


TLC makes sextuplets seem common with its wealth of programming featuring sets of six like 'Sextuplets Take New York,' but the odds are just 1 in nearly 4 billion.

Last night's series premiere, which follows in the vein of 'Kate Plus 8,' introduced viewers to the Carpio sextuplets.

Giving birth to multiples poses risks for both mother and babies. Multiples are often born premature, while mothers of multiples are more than twice as likely to experience gestational diabetes.

We're answering your top questions about sextuplets and big families, including which was the first surviving set of sextuplets in the USA.

Top Searched Sextuplets Questions
1. What are the odds of having sextuplets?
2. What is the cost of a cesarean delivery of sextuplets?
3. How much do diapers cost for a family with sextuplets?
4. What is the average weight gain for a sextuplet pregnancy
5. Who were the first surviving sextuplets in the USA?
6. What causes multiple births?
7. What are the risks of having multiples?
8. Are the Carpios the first Latino sextuplets?
9. How do you raise a large family on a budget?
10. Are the Carpio sextuplets bilingual?
11. How much do the Gosselin kids make?
12. Why are multiple births more common today?
13. How many times have sextuplet births been recorded worldwide?
14. What is the most common form of multiple birth?
15. What is the most babies born to one woman?

Do you like watching shows about multiples? What is your favorite?

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