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Katherine Schwarzenegger, the oldest child of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, once struggled with body image issues and wants to help young people overcome that.

Schwarzenegger admits she went through a period of trying to stay below 100 pounds to compete with a naturally thin friend.

Today, she's more confident and hopes to inspire others with her book, 'Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who's Been There and Back.'

Find out more about this author who's still in college, including what she's studying and what inspired her to write a book.

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4. How did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver meet?
5. How often does Katherine Schwarzenegger talk to her mom?
6. How old is Katherine Schwarzenegger?
7. How many kids do Arnold and Maria have?
8. What does Katherine Schwarzenegger do with ABC Family?
9. What is Katherine Schwarzenegger majoring in?
10. When did Katherine Schwarzenegger have a body-image crisis?
11. What inspired Katherine Schwarzenegger to write a book?
12. Why did Katherine Schwarzenegger create VIDA Bags?
13. How tall is Katherine Schwarzenegger and what size does she wear?
14. Why did Katherine Schwarzenegger want to stay below 100 lbs?
15. Why did Katherine Schwarzenegger call her father a 'food watchdog'?

Will you read Katherine Schwarzenegger's book? What advice would you give teens about body image?

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